The largest cold chamber in the world in Madeira

Coolzoone Madeira offers you the largest and most powerful cold chamber in the world - the V12 Ultra Cryo System!

The V12 Ultra cold chamber breaks 4 world records!

  • largest cold chamber in the world
  • Most powerful cold chamber in the world
  • first and only cold chamber to run through
  • Most efficient cold chamber with the most simultaneous applications in the world

With the V12 Ultra Cryo System, you can go through Coolzoone Madeira as if in one go. The high-performance cold chamber has ultra-low temperatures of -110°C and has antechambers with 3 cold zones.

  • The interior area is an incredible 48 square meters!
  • The V12 Ultra has a length of 12 meters!

This makes the V12 Ultra Cryo System the largest cold chamber in the world.

Biohacking, Longevity & Sport Performance Enhancement

The V12 Ultra is the refrigeration chamber of superlatives! The high-performance cold chamber was developed in collaboration between the best cold chamber manufacturer on the market, ‘Art of Cryo’, and RemediCool.

Turn yourself into an ultra-human with the V12 Ultra Cryo System from Art of Cryo and RemediCool!

An experience in a class of its own

The cold chamber at Coolzoone Madeira offers you a unique experience in itself and takes you and your body a huge step forward in terms of longevity and high performance.

Experience cryotherapy in Madeira in a unique way and combine it with the world’s longest infrared light tunnel, the flow system and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for effective biohacking and reverse aging treatments.

Your advantages:


  • stimulates the vessels
  • Skin improvement
  • anti-inflammatory
  • strengthens the immune system
  • noticeably more energy
  • indescribably good mood
  • Relieves pain
  • Releases serotonin

Longevity / Anti-Aging:

  • reduces the ageing process / slow ageing
  • Relieves stress
  • Provides healthier appearance of the skin
  • makes you physically fitter
  • makes you mentally fitter
  • tightens the skin
  • improves your body feeling

Performance Enhancement:

  • Performance increase of up to 20% in sports
  • reduces muscle soreness
  • stimulates regeneration
  • more power
  • More endurance
  • prevents sports injuries
  • soothes sports injuries
  • lowers muscle soreness
  • stimulates fat burning