World’s biggest cryo chamber – opening in december

Cryo center Coolzoone Madeira has its grand opening in December!

Which means that you can finally experience longevity at a whole new level. The ultimative highlight is definitely the incredible V12 Ultra Cryo System, which also happens to be the world’s biggest and strongest cryo chamber.

Use our longevity hyperbaric oxygen applications, ultra power lymphatic drainage and our incredible and unique BioHacking tunnel.

Become an Ultra Human with Cryo

The cryo chamber V12 Ultra Cryo System sets you up for becoming an Ultra Human!

The V12 Ultra Cryo System, developed by Art of Cryo (L&R Kältetechnik) in Germany, was specifically designed for Coolzoone Madeira in Funchal. This cutting-edge cold chamber boasts ultra-low temperatures and exceptional performance. It encompasses a spacious 48 square-meter area, featuring four distinct cold zones. 

It holds the distinction of being the largest cold chamber globally, spanning an impressive 12 meters in length! What sets it apart is its remarkable stability of temperatures, maintaining a consistent and truly impressive temperature of -110°C.

Complete new cryo concept

The V12 Ultra Cryo System in Madeira introduces a completely new cryotherapy chamber concept! 

During the ultra cryo session, you only pass through each door and room once. The journey begins in a pre-chamber cooled to -10°C, followed by entering the next room with temperatures ranging between -60°C and -70°C. 

Then, you proceed to the main attraction in the largest cryo chamber application room ever built. Temperatures drop to a literally cool -110°C. In this world’s largest cryo space, up to 12 customers can comfortably experience this indescribable sensation simultaneously. 

After this cryo experience, you move on to a post-chamber with temperatures of -60°C to -70°C, and finally exit through another -10°C chamber. 


This flow-through chamber is also unique worldwide.